Facebook Guidelines


  1. Only Administrators and Editors can post directly on the Chimneyville page. Everyone can comment.
  2. To become an editor, you need to like the Chimneyville page, friend me (Louise James Coulson) and send me the email you use on Facebook and I will add you. You can personal message me on Facebook or email kingfisherdesigns@gmail.com with the subject line Chimneyville.
  3. Please post images and videos of the work you will be bringing to Chimneyville and we would love pictures of you at work in your studio.
  4. The most effective way to get traffic moving is to share from your business page (this cannot be scheduled at this time though). .
  5. To build traffic “Share” is the word. Share the posts you make to the Chimneyville Page to your personal page and other places to direct traffic to the Chimneyville Page where visitors will see what a spectacular event this will be. This is where the exponential power of Facebook lies.
  6. Please invite your friends to “like” the Chimneyville page.  This is how we have built the page over the years.
  7. Please do not post links to your other commercial ventures (shows, online sales, etc.) just those related to the Guild.  Post images, studio shots, booth numbers — anything related to Guild retail activities and your work process.
  8. Images on Facebook work well at about 800 dpi wide and 72 dpi.
  9. Let us know your own Facebook page URL so the page can “like” your page for further traffic on Chimneyville.  When I am working on the page, I will often share from your business pages when I see the posts on Facebook.
  10. When you post your work identify the business name and name of the craftsman.
  11. Posts of the gallery and what you are sending to the gallery are very welcome on the page.
  12. Videos are wonderful for building traffic – particularly videos of you at work.
  13. Check to see if a post has already been shared to the page before you share to the page – sometimes we have as many as 3 shares of the same post. I get notifications everything anything is posted to the page, so usually can keep it down to one share of the same post..
  14. Remember that this is a marketing page – not a sales page and marketing works much better one drop at a time.  Schedule your pictures over several days rather than wasting your thunder by putting them all up at once.


The purpose of this Facebook venue is for MEMBERS OF THE CRAFTSMEN’S GUILD OF MS to connect with one another in an effort to further the mission of the guild. This group has been organized to encourage the preservation, promotion, marketing, education, partnership and collaboration of guild members. This is a place where MEMBERS can communicate in a private statewide/regional environment in an effort to encourage excellence, to share ideas, and share resources. It is our hope that it will help us utilize our skills as sustainable practice for the purpose of bringing the best to our patron.

Suggested Uses of this forum:

  • Show notices and reviews
  • Notifications and reminders about Guild activities
  • Communication of achievements, publicity of Guild and members
  • Sharing new work, asking for feedback
  • Wanted/needed communication about equipment, materials, etc.
  • Communication of personal situations – i.e. deaths, sickness, triumphs, retirement
  • Workshops, idea exchange about dealing with various craft-related situations

Improper Use of this forum:

Complaints about the Guild, other craftsmen or staff (should be handled by talking personally to staff or a board member)
Sarcastic or rude remarks to other craftsmen or staff
Personal attacks or disparaging remarks about anyone
Sharing of personal items to sell
Postings about activities, events or situations not pertinent to the guild or its members
Political statements