Field Trips


That's right, we do field trips! Join us at the Mississippi Craft Center in Ridgeland to give your students a one-of-a-kind, hands on experience creating unique and fun crafts with some of the Craftsmen's Guild of Mississippi's finest craftsmen.  With craft activities and demos spanning a huge array of mediums, we are bound to be able to put together the perfect adventure into the world of crafting for your next school or day group trip.

Mississippi's history is one that is steeped in the traditions of the arts.  From painters to actors to sculptors to photographers to musicians and everywhere in between, we are one state that has no shortage of creativity.  Let us teach your students about their wonderfully rich artistic heritage and history.  See your children's creative minds shine as they are led through hands on crafting tutorials such as creating a hand-felted bead necklace or molding their very own pot out of clay.  Watch as fire is mixed with metal to create strong and sturdy steel tools just as it has been done for centuries during a demonstration by one of our master blacksmiths.  Dont worry, if blacksmithing doesn't meet your field trip's theme, we offer many more demonstrations such as spinning cotton into thread to weave on a loom, glass bead making, and many more! With such a large assortment of mediums, there are so many ways for you to customize your experience to best fit your curriculum.

For schools or groups that are unable to make it out to see us at the Mississippi Craft Center, there's no need to worry!  With the aid of our Suitcase Museum, we can bring the experience of crafting with us to you!  The Suitcase Museum begins with a video followed by a hands-on presentation of traditional craft items with an explanation of their origin, practical use and evolution as a significant art form today.  Our suitcase is full of crafts spanning all different sorts of mediums, from Choctaw Indian Baskets to blown glass pieces and everything in between.  With each piece comes a different lesson on the rich history and culture of crafting in Mississippi.

"...a wonderful place to visit. The students had the opportunity to do hands-on craft activities that helped to enhance their overall understanding of the 3-dimensional arts."

- Lynncoy Thornburg, Gifted Teacher
Jefferson County School District

"This was our first field trip to the Craft Center... They were amazed at the woodworking center and loved the hands-on pottery. We will definitely come again!"

- Mandy Horton, K-5 Teacher
Hartfield Academy

For more information on what we have to offer to you and your students, click here to view our informational flyer.

If you are interested in scheduling a field trip to the Mississippi Craft Center, please email Drew at or give us a call at 601-856-7546 and ask for Sheri Cox.

Field trips are scheduled preferably for Monday and Friday from 10 am to 12 noon. Other times may be available according to the calendar.