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  • The Craftsmen’s Guild is a private, nonprofit 501© 3 organization that must raise all but a fraction of its annual budget from private sources. Our only operating grant is from the Mississippi Arts Commission.
  • Unlike most arts groups, the Craftsmen’s Guild is comprised 100% of craftsmen, not patrons. Our “Friends” and major donors are essential in supplying financial support, volunteers and vision.
  • The State of Mississippi owns our building, but the Guild is responsible for all operation and maintenance costs.
  • Although the Craft Center is open daily as a visitors’ center, we are not funded as one.
  • Mississippi Craft Center is open and free to the public 361 days a year and accessible to all, as are most all of our events. We want to keep it that way.
  • Private contributions help us remain an economic engine for our craftsmen and the state; a source for education and community pride; and as an asset to the state’s cultural tourism efforts.

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