Walter Mabry

Member Details:

Full Name: Walter Mabry

City: Jackson

State: Mississippi

Date Joined: 1997

Member Classification: Fellow since 2006

Medium: Metal, Other, and Wood. Artist Categories: Scrimshaw.


Walter does his scrimshaw on fossilized ivory; cow, buffalo and water buffalo horns; hippopotamus and boar teeth; bone; antler, and mother of pearl. His designs include old traditional folk art taken fro 18th century originals, contemporary designs, portraits from old masters, wildlife art and western art.

His interest in scrimshaw started while he was an artist/illustrator for the Marine Corps. In 1970, he began doing scrimshaw on powder horns for himself and friends and, in 1990 extended his work to ivory, horn, and teeth. He has been featured in four articles in The Clarion Ledger, Jackson, Mississippi, as a gun maker, horner and scrimshander. He has received first place awards in competitions in Pennsylvania and Kentucky. He is a member of the Honorable Company of Horners.