Susan Marling Originals

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Full Name: Susan Marling Originals

City: Acworth

State: Georgia

Date Joined: March 2015

Medium: Fiber. Artist Categories: Wearable Art.


Paul and Susan Marling create their art wearables using the ancient art of marbling. Each piece of fabric is created by floating paints on a liquid in a large tray. Custom-made rakes and combs are pulled through the floating paints to create a delicate feathered pattern. Then, a piece of white silk is laid on the floating paint pattern to create an original piece of fiber.
Paul and Susan carefully design their unique color combinations from the beauty they see in nature. They
use these pieces of fabric to create their one-of-a-kind garments, which they design to accentuate the movement of the fabric. Each garment and accessory is an original that can never exactly be duplicated, allowing you to showcase a true piece of wearable art.
Paul and Susan work out of their home studio in Acworth, GA.

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