Steve Windham

Member Details:

Full Name: Steve Windham

City: Brandon

State: Mississippi

Date Joined: 2006

Member Classification: Exhibiting

Medium: Wood. Artist Categories: Spoons and Turned.


Steve got his start in woodworking when he was ten years old. His dad gave him his first hammer and handsaw. He

started off building a toolbox, then doghouses and birdhouses. As a boy, when he was playing nearby, he would

look at his parents’ house and wonder how he would change it. The house never got changed, but later in life, Steve

designed and built a house for himself and his wife. When Steve starts cutting into a piece of wood, he rejoices

that he is the first one to see what God has created. The grain pattern guides him to what he wants; the creation of

art that other people will enjoy. Steve loves the old techniques, as well as newer ones. He still has -and uses – the

hammer and handsaw that his father gave him.