Sharon Williams

Member Details:

Full Name: Sharon Williams

City: Coldwater

State: Mississippi

Date Joined: 1986

Member Classification: Fellow since 1995

Medium: Fiber. Artist Categories: Weaving.


Sharon is a weaver of handwoven clothing. Through the use of color, texture and fabric manipulation,

she brings the simple straight forward lines of traditional garments such as the Hopi wrap, ruana or vest

into the contemporary realm. The stole is no longer a plain piece of cloth, but an elegant creation to

drape the female form. Sharon selects all of her yarns, weaves all of her own fabrics and constructs each

garment. The hand finishing is also done by her hand. Once she sews in her label, anyone who buys her

handwoven garment will know that she would not sell any piece that she would not personally be proud

to wear herself.