Sevan Denham

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Full Name: Sevan Denham

City: Burlington

State: Kentucky

Date Joined: August of 2015

Medium: Wood. Artist Categories: Turned.


Although I presently live in Kentucky – where I have a small hay farm in the northern position of the state, across the Ohio River from Cincinnati, Ohio - I still do have family and many wonderful friends and classmates from Provine High School – graduated in 1958. Since 1958 my employment has relocated me to five different states - and Korea while in the USAF. However, down through the years my desire to work with wood followed me wherever I called home. After college and a four year military assignment, I was employed by American Airlines for thirty-six years until I retired in 2003. With time readily available, I obtained a lathe to turn wood. My friend and mentor taught me how to “turn pens.” Almost immediately I qualified for juried craft shows to market my new hobby. The selling of my “writing instruments” has taken me to eleven states – as far west as Garden City, Kansas, and as far east as Herndon, Virginia.

Presently, I continue to market my work via juried craft shows and my website: I only turn deer antler and an abundance of the most beautiful woods I can find: spalted curly maple, cocobolo, black walnut, tulip wood, red oak “sticks” (four foot long sticks of red oak which held tobacco plants in special curing barns), zebra wood, paduck, bacote, just to name only a few. My most favorite wood to “turn” is olivewood which I procure from a vendor in Bethlehem, the Holy Lands. The Bethlehem olive trees are two to three thousand years old, a fact that is supported by horticulturists. Although it is prohibited to cut down live olive trees, the priming of the trees is promoted. The primed branches are milled down to pieces that are ¾ inch by ¾ inch by five inches. I do enjoy the aroma emitted from the cutting gouge shavings as the olivewood spins in the lathe. All of my creations are assembled in better hardware – titanium black or gold and platinum alloy. Also, laser engraving is available for all my pens.

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