Becky Ziemer

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Full Name: Becky Ziemer


State: TN

Date Joined: 2016

Member Classification: Ceramics

Medium: Clay. Artist Categories: Sculpture.


I graduated from Ole Miss in 1998 with a BFA in Graphic Design and Illustration and moved up to Memphis, Tennessee. Shortly after that, I got married and found my first job in a print shop. I indulged myself with various creative projects in the evening, and ultimately found myself getting drawn to ceramics. Slowly, my studio grew until it occupied our whole basement and part of the back yard shed. I opened an Etsy shop in 2011 and to my delight, found that other people really liked my sillier work, so I went in that direction. In 2015, I was approached by Uncommon Goods about wholesaling my yarnbell, Sherman the Sheep. That was a watershed moment for me - it ultimately gave me the courage to switch my career path from graphic design to pottery. From that point on, I have considered myself to be a ceramics artist.

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