Studio Polo

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Full Name: Studio Polo

City: Portland

State: Oregon

Date Joined: August 2016

Medium: Metal. Artist Categories: Jewelry.


Influenced in form & proportion by architecture and arts are my personal interests has led to contemporary/architectural jewelry. Studiopolo jewelry style is creating contemporary forms having interpretive meaning in subjective collections, i.e. Fireworks, Origami, Industrial Revolution, Chinese Lantern, Personal Message. Designs are one of a kind from our drawings that we craft in Precious Metal Clay (PMC) of either silver, copper, or bronze, or a combination. Adding gemstones is a recent addition to my work for dimension. Some designs are being cast in Argentium for production & lower polishing maintenance. PMC has its playful and creative challenges in burnout, shrinkage, brittleness, smoothness and to architecture its use into the unconventional.

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