Pat “Herb” Pickering Jr.

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Full Name: Pat “Herb” Pickering Jr.

City: Florence

State: Mississippi

Medium: Wood. Artist Categories: Carved Canes.


Raised in Texas cotton country till a teen , my family moved us back home to Mississippi where I finished high school . From the jet black clay of open prairie land to the bright red sands and TREES , glorious trees , of my new home ,I gladly adapted . Back in Texas my fondest memories are of long hikes up and down the wide limestone creeks , water only inches deep , and the only trees for miles . In my day it was common to take Dad's old single shot shotgun and go hunting with your buddies at 11 or 12 years old . An excuse to be free and explore the oddities of nature and have Lewis and Clark adventures . Honing our skills to Davy Crockett and Danial Boon standards was paramount in our young minds . The one common theme for the next 40 years was the trusty walking stick . From the old dead tree limb , to the " authentic " Indian tribal spear , I always had cane . Robert Coats said " The best and most exquisite automobile is a walking stick ; and one of the finest things in life is going on a journey with it .

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