Mark Brown

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Full Name: Mark Brown

City: Ellisville

State: Mississippi

Date Joined: August of 2015

Medium: Mixed Media. Artist Categories: Sculpture.


I have been drawing, painting and sculpting since the age of 6. I was encouraged from an early age by my family, and occasionally received lessons. Being from a military family afforded me the opportunity to move frequently, which I feel enriched my interest in concepts of time, place and experience.

Once I attended college, I began to focus more on 3-dimensional art, primarily ceramic sculpture and assemblages. I often realistically painted discarded items, and included them within my assemblages. While pursuing my graduate degree, I began experimenting with materials and the possibility of found objects embedded within my work, while also traditionally rendering items in other areas. I also discovered that by working with such a myriad of materials, I was forced to create unorthodox methods of construction.

I have always been drawn to unique methods; especially those of Robert Rauschenberg. I like the notion of any material or object being intended as a component of a larger whole.

Technically, my sculpture draws upon gestural and figurative approaches. Furthermore, I employ discarded items to take advantage of their aesthetic attributes and to achieve desired effects. Because I choose to assemble such a wide range of materials, the process of art making has become as important as the finished object itself. It is my intention that the viewer becomes aware of this process through the investigation of the layers.

I use found objects based on characteristics such as texture, and color, and how they will contribute to the overall composition of the finished work. Additionally, employment of found objects creates a variety of forms on which to work. Although some works have armatures for support, I rarely use anything but the objects themselves to hold the work together. Once the works are complete, I often cover them with clear epoxy for stability.

My assemblages utilize the same found material as the sculptures. However, I often choose to render imagery in the traditional sense to push and pull attention to what is an actual object and what is representational.

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