Leslie M. Turner

Member Details:

Full Name: Leslie M. Turner

City: Tutwiler

State: Mississippi

Date Joined: 2008

Member Classification: Exhibting

Medium: Glass. Artist Categories: Fused and Jewelry.


Leslie creates because “my continued mental health requires it.” Leslie’s best design ideas come from Mother Nature. “A walk through the woods or through the woods or through my garden always inspires new ideas. Even a quick flip through a seed catalog can help.” Leslie starts by cutting and stacking compatible glass in three to seven layers to achieve the right depth. This stack may contain dichroic glass, etched designs, glass frit, enamel paints, inclusions of copper, gold, fine silver or anything new. The stack is placed in a kiln and fired to 1500 degrees, then cut and fired again, then again until Leslie is happy with the results. Then it is shaped into gemlike “stones.” The stones are returned to the kiln for a final fire polish. Leslie’s work has been featured in Mississippi Magazine, MidSouth Magazine, Delta Magazine, and Desoto Magazine.