Jane Mullins

Member Details:

Full Name: Jane Mullins

City: Raymond

State: Mississippi

Date Joined: 1987

Member Classification: Fellow since 1996

Medium: Fiber and Glass. Artist Categories: Felting and Stained.


Jane Mullins is a long-standing member of the Mississippi Craftsmen’s Guild in the mediums of stained

glass and felting. Jane enjoys her part in keeping alive these two ancient art forms. She employs the lead

method and copper foiling to create works in glass and in her wet felting and needle felting she uses

wool and silk fibers to fashion designs. Keeping alive traditional craft forms while venturing into diverse

and eclectic creations is what Jane most enjoys about her works. She hopes that discriminating seekers

of art can capture the essence of fascination that she has for her materials and can enjoy the magic she

tries to capture in each showpiece.