Helene Fielder

Member Details:

Full Name: Helene Fielder

City: Booneville

State: MS

Date Joined: 1999

Member Classification: Fellow since 2008

Medium: Clay. Artist Categories: Ceramics.


Helene was born in Rive de Geir, France. She became a naturalized American citizen when she was 10. Her path has led her through Ohio, Florida, Georgia, Arizona, Slovenia and Germany. While she has maintained a full time studio for the past eighteen years, her experience also includes teaching pottery, silversmithing, working in marketing, illustration and advertising.

Inspiration for my work comes from my life and natural surroundings. The organic sculptures with their varied textures and colors echo the forms and colors of the earth I love all colors and enjoy observing forms in our existence here – a seed bursting from the earth, a fish alive with its glitter of color, a microscopic pattern. My wish is that my work transfers these precious miraculous moments of life.