Don & Louise Coulson Studio

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Full Name: Don & Louise Coulson Studio

City: Aberdeen

State: Mississippi

Date Joined: 2006

Member Classification: Fellow Members

Medium: Fiber and Metal. Artist Categories: Jewelry and Surface Design.


Working with metals is an exercise in evolution. The more we ask of the metal, the more it seems to respond with an unexpected fluidity. Each technique added to the repertoire, opens new horizons of possibility and design.

Each piece is rooted in a combination of historical techniques materials but it is also an expression of the excitement of a new idea. We combine fold forming, chasing and repousse’, etching, forging, raising, patination and enameling, in copper, bronze and silver.

We have noticed that the seasonal changes in the woods around the studio can influence a shape, texture or color used in hollow ware, flatware and jewelry.

Some pieces explode spontaneously from the hammer or torch while others are developed through modeling and sketching. Every piece models authenticity and tradition along with innovation and evolution.

Simply learning techniques and using materials is just not enough. A passion for the work allows true creativity. Each piece is a journey and every trip into the studio is an adventure!

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Member Gallery:

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  • Ladle with a Twist

  • Wabi-Sabi Bowl

  • Meditation Pond Bracelet

  • Sake set