Debby DeLashmet

Member Details:

Full Name: Debby DeLashmet

City: Jackson

State: MS

Date Joined: 2006

Member Classification: Exhibiting

Medium: Glass. Artist Categories: Stained.


Debbie’s motivation for creating stained glass was a dislike for curtains. She took her first class in stained glass so she could cover the lower half of a bathroom window without blocking the sunlight. She couldn’t find glass that she wanted, so she decided to make her own. At that time, she was also making jewelry with wire and beads and eventually combined the two, creating what she calls embellished stained glass. She draws her own patterns, inspired by the world around her. Sometimes its flowers and trees, sometimes the view from under the water or the elegance of a living creature. She has looked at the work of other artists and translated it to glass. Walter Anderson’s work is a great inspiration and lends itself to Debbie’s stained glass beautifully. She enjoys making stained glass because of its combination of color, texture, and sculpture…and because she hates curtains.