Craig Escudé

Member Details:

Full Name: Craig Escudé

City: Whitfield

State: MS

Date Joined: 2006

Member Classification: Exhibiting

Medium: Glass. Artist Categories: Stained.


Craig is a family physician who cares for those with mental illnesses and mental deficiencies in central Mississippi. He has had creative tendencies most of his life which have been expressed through various art forms including the ancient art of bonsai, jewelry making, music, painting, landscape design, woodcraft, stained glass and metal sculpture.

Craig has always been drawn to balanced but rough, naturalistic forms with lots of texture as well as rich, warm colors. His work has an organic, natural feel and his creations have a sense of antiquity. He often speaks of his desire for his work to have the appearance of having been “dug up” rather than newly created.

Craig is also the founder of which features the most distinctive collection of artisan crafted crosses in the country.