Carmen G. Castilla

Member Details:

Full Name: Carmen G. Castilla

City: Jackson

State: MS

Date Joined: 2007

Member Classification: Exhibiting

Medium: Other. Artist Categories: Wax Candles.


Carmen, a candle maker, is intrigued by the idea of trying new and different things with a very old craft. She focuses on pillar candles because they allow for the experimentation and artistry she enjoys. She blends her own dyes ad she works, coloring each batch of wax after it has melted, blending and manipulating the colors and patterns within each candle. Therefore, no two colors and no two candles are exactly the same. She sometimes carves images into the candles, such as her “Rugged Cross” candles, which are then embellished with patterns and painted. She also enjoys creating original fragrances that complement the appearance of her candles. Carmen creates many of her own molds in the shapes of fruit, bamboo, baked goods, turtles and more. She forms the original models in clay then creates a rubber mold from the model. She is always looking for new ways to make even more beautiful and interesting museum quality candles.