Candace Spurzem

Member Details:

Full Name: Candace Spurzem

City: Madison

State: Mississippi

Date Joined: 2011

Member Classification: Exhibiting

Medium: Glass. Artist Categories: Fused.


Candace has always loved art of all kinds. In elementary school she made operable marionettes. Throughout her middle and high school years she threw herself into every project that could be completed with a creative bend. In college she minored in art, preferring pottery and sculpture. After college she took classes in art welding, Scandinavian decorative painting, jewelry making and fusing glass (from fellow Guild member Jennifer Thomas). Candace has dabbled in all kinds of art/craft projects over the years, but until metal sculpture and jewelry making nothing held her attention. Finding glass fusing was like coming home. She says her dreams both day and night are peppered with ideas and thoughts of glass. Candace is currently an adjunct professor at Mississippi College and a leadership consultant for the University of Mississippi Medical Center. When she is not working she is engaging in her passion, designing and creating with glass.