Beatrix Bell

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Full Name: Beatrix Bell

City: New Orleans

State: Louisiana

Date Joined: 2015

Member Classification: Jewelry / Small metals

Medium: Metal. Artist Categories: Jewelry.


Like most jewelry designers, my passion for creating started as a hobby. I would set up at any venue that would take me, whether it was a music festival, juried art show, or in a parking garage next to a pecan stand. After many weekends spent under a pop-up tent, I took the entrepreneurial jump. I quit my day job and convinced myself that starting a business during a recession was actually a really good idea. I exhibited at my first wholesale trade show in...and never looked back. Since 2008, Beatrixbell Jewelry has grown from a one-woman artist under a tent, to a brand that is carried in over 100 stores nationwide. When I'm not creating in my Algiers Point jewelry studio, you can find me doing a balancing act of a million other things with my two favorite people - my awesome rambunctious son & creative entrepreneur husband.

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