Barbara Rigdon

Member Details:

Full Name: Barbara Rigdon

City: Little Rock

State: Mississippi

Date Joined: 2008

Member Classification: Exhibiting

Medium: Wood. Artist Categories: Baskets.


As a child, Barbara watched her uncle make white-oak baskets. As an adult, she asked her aunt, who made egg baskets, to teach her the craft. She made her first basket in 1999 and since then has learned to weave different basket types though studying books or by analyzing baskets produced by others. Most of all, she relishes making stained baskets of walnut, driftwood or oak. She enjoys using color in some of her weaving, dying her own reeds when time permits. She weaves her baskets at the family farm, Honeysuckle Hill, where they also raise miniature pygmy goats. Each basket is individually numbered, signed and dated. Her desire is to encourage others to learn the ancient art of basket weaving.