Babeth Schlegel

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Full Name: Babeth Schlegel

City: Baton Rouge

State: Louisiana

Date Joined: March 2015

Medium: Metal. Artist Categories: Jewelry.


Born in France in 1964, Babeth moved to Baton Rouge, Louisiana in 2001. After a career in tourism she took the opportunity of her relocation to explore her creative appetite. She started by designing jewelry with metal and beads, took several classes to learn metalsmithing skills and was introduced to the art of enameling. Babeth was immediately attracted to the deep vibrant colors of the melted glass offers. Babeth believes color is life and wants her work to express the comforting warmth of nature. Her current focus is to create mixed media jewelry and small sculptures which combine the earthy textures of metals with the bright and soothing enamel hues.

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