Annita Johnson

Member Details:

Full Name: Annita Johnson

City: Ocean Springs

State: MS

Date Joined: 2002

Member Classification: Fellow since 2011

Medium: Paper. Artist Categories: Collage.


The Creator, God, has instilled into every person the desire to create, as we are made in his image. This desire takes many forms through innumerous artistic mediums. Through trial and error, I have found that my creative gift lies in the assemblage of small pieces of art using handmade paper that I also enjoy fabricating. The craft of paper making seems ageless and unchanged, and for me this is a meditative step in the creative process. Additionally, I incorporate interesting materials such as rusted metal, found objects, bits of leaves, and wire, thus allowing the viewer to experience varying colors, textures, and shapes from the finished piece.

My goal, through my art, is to glorify God, the creator of all the materials I utilize, and to share my love of color, texture, and shape through my collage. My work is meant to be non objective and free to varying interpretations, allowing each viewer to create his or her own perception within each collage, a visual for an ever changing image and story.