Annette Aucoin

Member Details:

Full Name: Annette Aucoin

City: Broussard

State: Louisiana

Date Joined: 1997

Member Classification: Fellow since 2006

Medium: Metal.


From 1989 to 1994, Annette was a printmaker and painter. When she discovered that she loved working the etched copper plate more than the prints, she returned to school to become a metal smith.. Mother Nature’s leaves are imitated in many of her silver fabricated jewelry pieces. Her favorite two-dimensional pieces combine the gorgeous color and transparency of glass on metal. Some of her two-dimensional pieces are a combination of etched copper and iron that are heat treated with a torch or have been glass fused. Annette was selected to make the 2002 ornament for the White House Christmas Tree, and her painting “Waiting” is in the University of Louisiana Permanent Museum Collection.