Anne Campbell

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Full Name: Anne Campbell

City: Brandon

State: Mississippi

Date Joined: 2006

Member Classification: Exhibiting

Medium: Wire and Wood. Artist Categories: Recycled Sculpture and Sculpture.


My search to find the best way to express my spirit in my art has been a fun, exciting, and sometimes exasperating journey. I have never really believed in the notion of following the rules. It never seemed to be a creative option for me. I realized that what I want is to really express my art in my own way. Using various found and repurposed objects; I create whimsical creatures and utilitarian items.

I enjoy creating works in mixed media because it reflects my passion for turning everyday objects into something extraordinary. When I create, and when it all clicks into place, it feels like the rest of the world dissolves away leaving the only thing in front of me: the artwork that I'm communicating through. My art is a life-long process, evolving alongside everyday life. It is my definition of where I am and what I'm feeling. Art is color, texture, and movement but also it is about creation, a moment of time, my passion and my life.

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