Anne Brunson

Member Details:

Full Name: Anne Brunson

City: Canton

State: MS

Date Joined: 2010

Member Classification: Exhibiting

Medium: Metal. Artist Categories: Jewelry.


Anne grew up with four rough and tumble brothers, spending her time running through woods, climbing trees, collecting rocks and looking for bugs. She says that beautiful things were revealed to her in ways other than the traditional frills and lace. I learned to love colors in the sky with its ever changing hues, the way water danced across a mountain stream when steam was rising above it, and the glistening of rocks, like jewels to be treasured forever. In jewelry design and creation, I have found a medium that allows the pictures in my mind to be enjoyed and loved by others. Anne’s pieces are a reflection of who she is and of the beauty she has been fortunate enough to experience. When people see my work and comment upon its uniqueness, she says, I am take back to a time in life where that version began.