Allen Whittington

Member Details:

Full Name: Allen Whittington

City: Natchez

State: MS

Date Joined: 1991

Member Classification: Fellow since 2000

Medium: Fiber and Wood. Artist Categories: Baskets and Caning.


Born in Historic Natchez, Mississippi, I grew up surrounded by beautiful antiques, and because of our warm climate, it was customary that many of the antiques were caned. At the age of 18, I noticed a chair belonging to my grandmother was in need of repair. After going to the library and checking out a book on caning, I discovered the craft was something that I enjoyed. Restoring chairs and other items to their former usefulness proved rewarding. Caning for other people has given me to opportunity to see interesting and unusual pieces both old and new. In more recent years, I have begun to make small repairs to furniture, as well as, replacing the cane.

Please feel free to contact me at, 601-442-8096, or 601-597-2207 for any caning or furniture repair needs. I often make arrangements for pick up and drop off services with customers.

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