Application Process

The Standards Review Process

The Standard Committee is composed of exhibiting members representing the various mediums, who have been appointed for three-year terms by the Guild president. The President is a voting member of the committee. The committee meets twice a year to jury prospective members. Exhibiting members are re-evaluated every three years for nine consecutive years before the member becomes a fellow and is no longer required to submit for further reviews.

The Membership Application along with the $30 jury fee, three (3) examples of work created within the past three years, five (5) photographs and all supporting documents must be submitted no later than the application deadline.

Applicants must state medium and category. Many craft items fall into a gray area. Do the best you can to identify the medium and the category. The committee will reclassify if necessary.

Examples of work may be submitted in more than one medium (wood, clay, glass, metal, etc.), but each medium must be accompanied by a separate application, resume, artist’s statement, photos and $30 jury fee.

Each piece of work is handled and scrutinized carefully by every member of the committee. Work made from pre-assembled commercial kits is not acceptable. A very high degree of skill and competence must be evident. Small details are considered. Photographs, resumes and artists’ statements are reviewed. Open discussion is held and experts in the medium are consulted. An artisan’s emerging potential is considered. Each committee member scores each entry using the ballot shown below:

Sample ballot:

APPLICANT #________          MEDIUM_____________________


DESIGN:                                               1     2     3     4     5

CREATIVITY OR TRADITION:          1     2     3     4     5

CRAFTSMANSHIP:                             1     2     3     4     5

OVERALL IMPACT:                            1     2     3     4     5

TOTAL POINTS ______________

Each member of the standards committee fills out a ballot for each applicant. The totals are combined and then divided by four (the four areas of evaluation) to arrive at a score. An applicant must receive a score of 3.5 to be invited to membership. Applicants not asked to become members may resubmit as early as the next scheduled jury if the applicant feels his/her work has improved sufficiently.

Required Submissions:

Professional Resume

You can use some of these categories, but do not have to use all of them. Design the resume to fit your own professional career.

  • Present Position/Employment
  • Education – college courses if applicable, craft classes you have taken; people under whom you may have studied, etc.
  • Professional Organizations to which you belong
  • Exhibits/Publications
  • Award/Honors
  • Demonstrations/Teaching
  • Experience/Programs/Presentations

Artist Statement

  • When did you begin learning your craft?
  • What or who influenced what you do?
  • How is your craft different from others in the same
    area of specialty?
  • What is your process?
  • Where do you draw inspiration?

Work Samples

Submit three (3) examples of your best work, showing range and variety as much as possible within the chosen medium and category. Of course, the criteria will vary according to medium and category. However, examples of what the committee is looking for include functionality, creativity, unique design, as well as craftsmanship
in the form of smooth edges, uniform glazes and stains, seamless joints; finished edges, etc.

Photographs (for new members or member jurying in a new category; not required for 3-year reviews.)

Submit five (5) color photographs of work showing the scope of your work in one medium with descriptions. Photos should be of work other than what is submitted with your application.

Photos may be on CD. Photos should be clear and close enough for the committee to see the details and workmanship. Strive for good lighting, neutral backgrounds and be sure photos are high resolution (300 dpi preferred.) The photographs presented with the application may not be returned.

Applications, photos and work samples should be shipped or hand delivered to:

Craftsmen’s Guild of Mississippi, Inc.
Bill Waller Craft Center
950 Rice Road
Ridgeland, Mississippi 39157
(601) 856-7546

Hand-delivered pieces may be picked up by the Monday following the Saturday of the review and must be picked up within two weeks of the review or adequate shipping materials and postage submitted with entry for its return. Notification regarding membership will be made by mail within two weeks of the standard review.

Interested in becoming  a member of the Guild?

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Guild hours are Tuesday-Saturday, 10a-4p.